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  •  How do maternity clothes fit?
  •  We offer carefully designed maternity clothes made of high-quality and stretchable fabric with functionality. For bottoms, the cloth we used is lycra for more elasticity especially in the belly area. With this type of material, you don’t have to worry about the fitting. It will adjust as your baby bump grows, adapting to your size and movement. Rest assured that our maternity clothes will fit you from your first trimester up to the last months of your maternity period. Whether you are at the early stages of pregnancy or last trimester, you can choose from our wide maternity clothes selection. You will surely get value for your money without worrying about comfort and style. You can wear it for a long time and probably even after your pregnancy.


  •  Why should I buy maternity?
  • Our selection of maternity clothes are designed by maternity clothes experts. You can trust that our maternity clothes are ideally designed for your changing body. Fashion and functionality are our top priorities. Our maternity clothes were made so you can still dress up for different occasions.  Our designers are well-known for creating maternity clothes with exact dimensions and cuts that would flatter a pregnant woman’s changing figure. 

    Expect that when you buy a bigger size in regular wear, shoulders are wider; sleeves, legs and torso have a longer and wider fit, too. The loose design is made so you can have a breathable and comfortable maternity dress. 


  •  When should I buy maternity clothes?
  • This is one of the most challenging dilemmas among pregnant women. The choice really depends on you because you would naturally outgrow your usual clothes. One of the first areas of your body that drastically change with pregnancy is your bra size. You would need a larger bra size cup. It would be nice if your maternity dress has a nursing feature which is accessible as you breastfeed your little one. So, before you realize that none of your normal clothes fit you anymore, it’s always best to be prepared. Buy comfortable, stretchable and functional maternity clothes early on, so you can easily tick it off from your list and maximize its use, too.


  •  What size of maternity clothes should I buy? What size will I wear in three (3) months?
  • One rule of thumb in buying maternity clothes is to buy similar-sized clothes before your body starts changing. If you are doubtful of the sizes, please consult our sizing charts and guidelines before you buy so you can enjoy a perfect and comfortable fit throughout your pregnancy. This makes maternity online shopping an easy and enjoyable experience just like going to an actual shop. 


  • I am on a limited budget and looking for affordable-priced maternity clothes. What are the essential maternity clothes that I should buy?
  • The top seven essentials of a pregnant woman’s wardrobe are a pair of leggings, stretchable scoop top, a comfortable dress, a nursing bra, a multipurpose top, a pair of garterized pants and a pair of jeans. All of these are flexible enough to adjust to your growing baby bump and would highlight your body as you go through different pregnancy stages up to early motherhood months. Our online shop offers the latest maternity dresses appropriate to almost any occasion. You’d definitely get comfort, functionality, versatility and value for money.


  • How do I buy maternity jeans?
  • We can be your partner in choosing the best maternity jeans just like talking to your best friend. We have a wide variety of maternity jeans that would fit your style and body size. You can choose from different designs either over your baby bump area, underbelly and side-panel. In terms of style, you can choose whether it is wide leg, skinny, bootcut, boyfriend jeans, finished hem, raw hem and washed or dark-colored. 


  • How do maternity pants fit?
  • We have the widest selection of maternity pants. You are assured of comfort and quality for the longest time. When you visit our online shop, you will see that we have multiple sizes depending on your belly form. We aim to make our product photos and description as clearly stated as possible. Please refer to our sizing charts on our product pages to help you make the proper selection. 


  • What type of bra do I wear during pregnancy?
  • Our flexible nursing bras are carefully-made for different breast sizes from pregnancy to nursing stages. You can be assured that our nursing bras are made of comfortable and seamless fabric. You can also choose if you want nursing bra features that include a clip-up, clip-down, pull down or pull over. One thing is for sure, you get value for your money because you can still use our nursing bras long after your little one has moved on from nursing. 


  • How to properly measure nursing bra size?
  • Before doing the actual measurement, you will need a measuring tape, pen and paper, mirror, and wear a non-padded bra for your true cup size. 


    Follow these simple steps to know your nursing bra size:

    Step 1: In getting your rib band measurement, wrap the measuring tape around your chest above your breasts going back and under your armpits. Double check in the mirror whether measuring tape is parallel along your back. It should be moderately tight for accurate measurement. 

    Step 2: In getting your cup size, wrap measuring tape around your breast over your nipple area. Make it a bit loose while holding both ends of the measuring tape with one hand on the side of your breast through your chest. 

    Step 3: Do some computation. Cup size measurement minus the rib band measurement. The difference you get is your letter cup size  (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D). 


    Rib band measurement: 34 inches

    Cup size measurement: 38 inches


    Cup size: 38 - 34 = 4 = D


    Bra size is 34D.


    11. How do I measure undergarment sizes and maternity dresses?

    We recommend that you choose two sizes larger than your normal dress size. Specific product description and sizes are indicated in each product photo.  You may also refer to the chart below for the sizing chart:


    USA/ CANADA                       2                      4                     6                       8                        10                       12                     14

                                                BUST - THE LARGEST MEASUREMENT AROUND YOUR CHEST

       BUST cm                        81cm               86cm                91cm                 97cm               102cm                107cm              112cm

        BUST”                            32”                    34”                   36”                     38”                    40”                     42”                      44”


     HIP cm                            86cm                91cm                97cm                 102cm             107cm                112cm              117cm              

       HIP”                                34”                    36”                   38”                      40”                   42”                     44”                    46”





    Kim’s Fashions                 BRA SIZE.             UK & AUSTRALIA.                     EUROPE.                    USA / CANADA


            0                                                                               6 - 8                                34 - 36                                   2 - 4


            1                                      32-34 A-B                        8 - 10                               36 - 38                                   4 - 6


            2                                     34-36 B-D                      10 - 12                               38 - 40                                   6 - 8


            3                                     34-36 C-E                       12 - 14                               40 - 42                                   8 - 10


            4                                     36-38 C-F                       14 - 16                               42 - 44                                  10 - 12


            5                                     40-42 C-F                        16 - 18                               44 - 46                                 12 - 14


            6                                     42-44 C-G                       18 - 20                                46 - 48                                 14 - 16


  • Do you sell special occasion maternity dresses?
  • As mentioned earlier, we have a wide selection of maternity dresses that you can choose from and wear on different occasions. We got you covered from day to night maternity dresses.


  • How do I properly wash maternity clothing?
  • If you want to extend and maximize your maternity clothing, it is just right to know how to properly care for them. It’s best to wash maternity clothing with cold water and then hang them dry. As much as possible do not machine wash your maternity clothing and undergarments because you want the stretchable fabric to last even after maternity period. If you cannot avoid using a washing machine, first put maternity clothes and undergarments in a mesh bag before washing. Don’t use bleach in washing as chemicals can damage fabric quality. Do not iron maternity clothes, especially undergarments because heat can damage the material, as well. 


  • What makes our store different from other maternity  stores?
  • We offer a full shopping experience from a wide variety of maternity dress, nursing bras, undergarments with attentive and accommodating customer service staff. Our goal is to make online shopping for pregnant women less stressful because we fully understand your needs. We not only promise fashion, comfort and style but value for money as well. 

    Our happiness is being able to respond to your maternity needs. Your satisfaction in our product is our ultimate goal. 


    For other inquiries, feel free to send an email to our accommodating customer service staff who would assist you as soon as possible.